The Key To Your Child's Success

Fun Learning Is Our Focus

Math Accelerator harnesses the inner child of all its students and combines fun innovative games into its learning. This is what sets us apart. Math Accelerator brings practical problem-solving solutions to help your child understand the fundamental concepts of math in an innovative way that combines games and learning.  Don't mistake us with tutoring and traditional learning center.  Our focus is to help your child to build or rebuild their foundation from the roots and guide them through the critical thinking process of mathematics.  We are one of a kind enrichment learning center in Moorestown NJ.  We have students that come from all over South New Jersey and Philadelphia.
What sets us apart?
Some of the important foundation building blocks are: mental math, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, money, time, algebra, geometry and word problems. We don't like the idea of sitting behind a desk, taking notes and doing massive daily worksheets, our learning approach is to make learning fun and hands-on.  The hands-on approach helps students to think logically and builds confidence.  Children are more focused and willing to try harder when they are put into a fun activity.  Working in a group environment also helps students to develop leadership and team skills.  Students perform better on exams and no more stress with any standardized tests after learning our test anxiety management and combat test taking techniques.
Rather than teaching the textbook methods and constant memorization needed.  We believed teaching the logic behind mathematics is the best way to help any child to understand how numbers work.  Teaching them think outside of the box will also developed strong critical problem solving skills.  Making the lesson fun and hands on will increase the interest in learning and understanding for any subjects.  Effective learning will reduce the amount of time spent on study and delivers a great result.
Why stop learning within a subject matter? 
Our classes also incorporate ways to improve students self-esteem, leadership skills, social skills, team building skills, problem solving skills, communication skills and public speaking skills.  No more worries about the Common Core Math, your child will not only develop math skills, turning their C’s and D’s into A’s and B’s quickly, but your child will learn important skills that will serve them forever. Just these additional skills are worth the tuition, the A’s and B’s are a bonus!
We offer our fun and unique program for ages 3 through high school.  Our center also offer other fun and educational programs and services.  Remember our motto, "Fun Learning Is Our Focus!!!"
Learning together ?
We believed helping our children to succeed in life is a team effort between teachers, parents and children.  To better educate the adults how we can make learning fun for our students.  We also offer an educational escape room, which allows adults and children to work together to solved puzzles and clues in order to get out of the room.  The program helps to build a better relationship between parents and children, it also provides new ideas on how learning can be fun for adults and children.  This is also a great team building exercise for clubs, schools, family fun, seniors and corporations.

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